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10 Tips To Creating A Successful Facebook Fanpage For Your Local Business - Part 1

Facebook currently has more than 500 million active users around the world! I thought about what would be the 10 most important points to keep in mind when creating your local business Facebook page and in this article we will cover the first five.

1. Optimize the whole account to the maximum potential. You can do this by adding a good profile image, having a compelling and informative description of your business, segmenting your content using the tabs feature, having links to your website, incorporating photos and videos, etc.

2. Create a strong network of followers. Make sure that you target your marketing efforts on Facebook to get followers who are genuinely interested and passionate about your local business niche. The key issue is focusing on your niche because as a small business, you probably are too small to be known beyond your local area. However when you focus your page on a niche or a subject, you will gain a more targeted and involved fan base.

3. Add content that is valuable and important to your fans. Ask yourself what are the most important and entertaining things they would really love to read about on your fanpage and give it to them. Better yet, you can create a survey on your page and ask them for their direct feedback.

4. Do not engage in hard selling. Facebook is a social platform and people find hard selling not only a nuisance but akin to spamming. In order to increase your business sales through your fanpage, you need to be subtle about it. A good method is to offer a lot of free value like coupons, which will lead to sales on the back end. For example a restaurant can offer free drink coupons with every pizza. In this way they will not be hard selling the pizza but will obviously record more sales because to get the free drink, customers will need to order a pizza.

5. Position yourself as a solution provider. As a local business owner, you obviously have a lot of specialized skills and knowledge in your niche. Turn those competencies into assets. Become the go-to person for fans interested in your niche. For example, a jewelry shop owner can use his fanpage to help readers who need advice on the types of watches to buy or how to tell if a jewel is real or fake.

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