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2 Google Tools That Can Provide You With Keyword Ideas

If you are ever stumped on the keywords to use for your local business website, do not despair because there are 2 free tools from Google that can help you.

Google Wonder Wheel

As with many Google tools, this is a search tool that is not very well known by both searchers and website owners, yet it offers a wealth of information. After using it, you will wonder why you had never discovered it before.

This is how to use Google Wonder Wheel to get more keyword ideas:

  1. On the Google home page, enter your search term and hit enter.
  2. On the search engine results page, click on "show options" located to the left of your screen.
  3. Click on "wonder wheel".
  4. A diagram will appear that resembles a tire, with the original keyword positioned as the hub and the related keywords spread out around it like the spokes.
  5. If you click on one of the related keywords, it will generate more related queries and the search engine results will automatically update. You can keep clicking on keywords in the wonder wheel, spawning new closely related keywords that you can use on your website.
  6. At any point you can click your way back to where you started.

Google Keyword Tool

This tool can give you keyword suggestions based on real traffic statistics. You can get up to 100 keywords without signing in with a Google account, but if you do sign in you can get up to 800 suggestions. You can sort the keywords by:

  • match types (broad, phrase and exact match)
  • Adwords competition levels
  • search volume
  • country location
  • language
  • average cost of each keyword for CPC

This keyword tool can provide you both short and longtail keywords that you can use on your local business website.

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