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3 Simple Ways To Optimize Your Local Business Website Using On-Page Factors

Local business owners often get bombarded with information on how to make their online business successful, from using social media and video marketing to building an email list. Yet, people often overlook the first and most important step in the whole process which is optimizing the local business website.

There are two ways to optimize a website: using on-page factors and using off-page factors. On-page factors are basically those factors on your local business website that search engines look at to understand what your site is about and to determine how they should rank you.

Here are 3 on-page SEO factors you can implement today:

1. URL

The first step in optimizing your website is using the main keywords that you want to be ranked for in your URL. Register a domain that matches your keyword exactly. For example, if after doing your keyword research you decide your main keyword is 'cosmetic surgery in ny', then get the domain name www.cosmeticsurgeryinny.com. The best domain endings to use are .com, .net and .org. If you are unable to get the exact match you can try to insert one or two hyphens in the domain name and see if it is available. Using our example, we would use www.cosmeticsurgery-in-ny.com or www.cosmetic-surgeryinny.com and so on.

Title Tag

When someone searches for a term in a search engine, a list of results is returned and the title on each result is what is known as the title tag. To improve the optimization of your site, make sure to use title tags for each and every website article or blog post with your keyword included. Title tags should also be used for video content and images so that they can appear in video and image search results.

Meta Description

The meta description is that section that appears just under the title tag in the search engine results. It should be rich with your keywords and good copy. Many people do not know about this factor, but it can greatly improve your click-through rates because users will use this text to choose which of the ten search engine results appeals to them and addresses their need.

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