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4 More Free Web Analytics Tools Every Local Business Website Should Use

In a previous article, we looked at 3 free web analytics tools useful to every local business website, namely Google Analytics, Yahoo Web Analytics and Google Web Optimizer. Here are 4 more free tools you can put to use to gather vital business data.

4Q by iPerceptions (4qsurvey.com)

Ever wanted to do a survey on your site but didn’t know how? Well now you can use 4Q. This tool offers free online surveys to your website visitors giving you greater understanding about what customers feel about your website. It provides potent feedback about your visitor’s experiences with your website and whether you’re meeting their needs or not.

Facebook Insights

If you have a Facebook group or fanpage for your local business, then you definitely want to use this free tool to get information about your likes, comments, fan numbers, posts and levels of interaction. You can combine this information to that gained from Google Analytics which will tell you how many site visits are coming from your Facebook traffic source.

Twitalyzer (twitalyzer.com)

Despite there being many Twitter tools, Twitalyzer offers the most comprehensive features. You can measure retweet levels and how often people are engaging with your account and a wide range of other detailed metrics. Using Twitalyzer will give your local business a better idea on how to be more effective on Twitter. To measure the number of people visiting your site from Twitter, use Google Analytics.


If you would like to know your Twitter click-through rates, this tool helps track how many people are clicking on your Twitter links so that you can see which links are appealing the most to your Twitter followers. In addition, you can also use the tool to shorten your local business website links which is particularly helpful given the 140 character limit for Tweets.

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