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7 Ways Facebook Can Grow Your Local Business - Part 1

Here are 4 out the 7 possible ways Facebook can grow your local business when used correctly:

1. Generates more traffic to your website

Once you have gathered fans onto your business fanpage, it is easy to direct them to your website. This is done by providing links to content that can only be found on your website such as articles or blog posts, entry forms, video’s, squeeze pages, etc. In addition by using keywords in your Facebook name, status updates and anchor text links, you build more backlinks to your website and improve its ranking on the search engines.

2. Generates more traffic to your offline store

You can drive traffic to your offline store by promoting coupons, sales deals, and events on your Facebook fanpage so that people have to come to your store to redeem those coupons or attend those events. Another way Facebook can bring more foot traffic to your store is through the “check-in” apps. These work in such a way that when a customer comes to your store, they send an update to all their friends on their social media network that they have checked in to your business. This provides free marketing for your business since your store will get free publicity.

3. Improves your repeat business

Facebook allows you to have a database of fans who will buy over and over again from you. Just like email lists have the ability to provide repeat business every time you send out an email, your local business fanpages is also made up people who have experienced interacting with your business either socially or commercially and who are likely to keep doing so.

4. Increases the number of referrals you receive

If your local business provides good quality products and services, then your fans will spread the good word about you to their network of friends. The quickest way they do this is by “liking” your page and this shows up on the newsfeeds of all their friends. This generates curiosity from their friends who want to find out which business their friends have just liked and this creates a ripple effect as more and more people get to know about your business all from one satisfied customer ‘liking’ your page.

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