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7 Ways Facebook Can Grow Your Local Business - Part 2

Here are 3 more ways Facebook can grow your local business:

1. Positions your business as an authority

This is definitely one way to brand your local business by positioning it as an authority in your niche. This especially works well with professionals who run their own businesses because of the specialized and in-depth knowledge you have about a particular industry or niche. Examples of such professionals can be accountants, financial planners, engineers, professors, doctors, lawyers, counseling psychologists, therapists, etc. Facebook can provide a great avenue to create a brand around your professional career and a way for people to get your expert advice online.

2. Increases sales leads

Most business owners often don’t understand how Facebook can generate more sales leads to their business, but there are some simple ways to do that:

  • First of all you can offer coupons for free deals or knock-off sales. Actually Facebook provides the fastest way to communicate those special deals as you simply post a status update about the offer that shows up on all the news feeds of your fans who then pass it on virally to their friends.
  • Another way to generate more sales is to direct traffic to your online store that you may have on your website. Once again it is as simple as posting status updates with a link to your website page for a specific product.
  • Another way Facebook can increase your sales leads is that you can create events to be held at your local business and get people to register free to attend. You can then make back-end sales at the actual event.
  • You can use Facebook Ads and geotarget them to show within the locale of your local business so that you can reach the local population closest to your offline store.

3. Gathers high quality testimonials

All copywriters agree that one of the secrets to high converting sales and marketing campaigns is to have testimonials because it is one of the best ways to convince prospects to do business with you. People prefer to do business with a local business that has many happy customers, so that they don’t feel like they are a guinea pig for your business to test products and services on. As a small business owner, you can easily get client testimonials from your business fanpage by getting in touch with fans who have written about a positive experience with your business on their post. More often than not, these testimonials are real and verifiable because they have the photo and name of the client and the client can be contacted freely by your prospects on Facebook.

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