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9 Ideas On How To Monetize Your Local Business Website

One of the most commonly asked questions local businesses have when setting up their website is: ‘How am I going to make money from my website?’ well this article is going to give you some ideas on how to turn your local business website into a money-making machine.

  1. Add Google Adsense to your site.

    This is as simple as signing up for a Google Adsense account and getting the code to insert into your site. You can also get paid for Google ads on your YouTube videos.

  2. Sell Advertising Space to private advertisers on your site.

  3. Add a shopping cart for your products.

    Incorporating e-commerce into your site will make it easier for people to purchase your products at their own leisure and convenience.

  4. Sell Content

    You could publish your own hard-copy book using a self-publishing firm or you could create a pdf e-book. The books can be tutorials, expert advice, and guides that people will be willing to pay for.

  5. Sell multimedia content

    This includes videos, DVDs and podcasts. They can be on the same topic as your books but may appeal to people who take in information better through video or audio format.

  6. Promote Events using your website.

    You can organize product launches, seminars, webinars, concerts or any event that will publicize your local business. You can make money on the front end selling tickets to the event or host the event for free and make sales on the backend.

  7. Create a membership section within your site.

    Members could get exclusive access to special discounts, giveaways, coupon codes, VIP treatment or other valuable products and services.

  8. Use your site to generate an email list.

    Odds are that people on your list will buy from you in the future.

  9. Make use of affiliate programs.

    You can either create an affiliate program for your local business and use your site to recruit affiliates, or you can be an affiliate and sell other people’s products through your website.

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