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A Facebook Local Business Success Story

It’s always interesting to read about how other local business owners like yourself have benefitted from social media. It helps to filter the hype from the facts and give you practical insight on how people are using social media in their local business. Here is a success story that I know you will find inspiring, especially to those facing hard times.

How Facebook helped save a restaurant from shutting down

The sluggish economy had worked its toll on the Bay area of St. Petersburg, Ohio and claimed its fair share of restaurant shut-downs. It was no different for the St. Pete Brasserie and after months of poor sales and imminent closure, Andrew Wilkins decided to share his problem on Facebook. His Facebook post read as follows:

"The situation at St. Pete Brasserie is dire. They are poised to close their doors if a miracle does not happen this week. Please support our local, independent restaurants. They have a great menu with an inspired chef and good prices. Prix fixe is $17. 15 jobs are at stake."

To his surprise, the Facebook entry received overwhelming response and was reposted by several people and soon became viral. Customers flocked to his restaurant till he had to reopen a dining room that had been unused for several months, and his sales shot up by 40%. He also got enquiries from potential investors.

All in all his local business was saved and his Facebook thank you post said it all:

"Well, thanks to the overwhelming support shown by our wonderful loyal customers, St. Pete Brasserie has a new lease of life. So please spread the word that the doors are staying open."

As a thank you to all his business’s Facebook friends and to generate even more customers, Wilkins offers 25% off the total bill when they dine at his restaurant.

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