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The key to a great Internet Marketing strategy is to have an effective ad campaign. One way to do this is to utilize PPC (pay-per-click) programs. One of the most used PPC programs is Google Adwords.

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is a way for small businesses to reach a large number of potential customers with very little cost. Businesses only pay when a customer clicks on their ad and visits their website. Businesses set up an account with Google Adwords. They are then guided through a multi-step process where they will select potential keywords and write their ads. Once the ad is written, the business can decide where it wants the ad to appear. Google Adwords gives businesses the option to display their ads on Google’s search pages or on other Web sites.

Businesses place bids on keywords or phrase to increase their visibility. If they have the highest bid, then their ad will be place at the top of the ads in Google search. That way, when a potential customer types in the keyword the business has chosen, the customer will see that business’s ad at the top of all the other advertisements at the right of their screen. To obtain greater visibility, often times business will engage in bidding wars.

What tools are available?

Google Adwords is easy to use and helps make pay per click advertising easy for businesses to manage. There are many tools available within the Google Adwords service. Google AdSense is one tool that helps businesses reach more customers by having other sites host their ads. Sites place Google Adwords ads on their site and create a link that can be clicked. When a potential customer clicks that link, part of the Google Adwords payment is sent to the owner of the site through AdSense.

Other useful tools through Google Adwords are online tutorials that walk businesses through the entire process and a Position Preference Feature that ranks ads. The online tutorials separate the information into smaller parts and can be accessed before the business creates an account. With Position Preference, businesses can specify which position they prefer their ad to appear. Businesses can choose their highest and lowest positions. If their ad does not rank in the lowest, it will not be displayed. This helps businesses determine an approximate amount of clicks so they know what they will have to pay.

What does this mean for small businesses?

PPC (pay per click) programs can help businesses increase traffic to their websites and in turn will help increase their sales. Using the available tools can strengthen marketing campaigns by making online advertising easier to manage.

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