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Rebrand Your PDFs

You can rebrand each of our 1-Page PDFs with YOUR affiliate links at NO COST to you!

Free Reports For Internet Marketers

You can REBRAND each of the PDFs with YOUR affiliate links so that YOU can earn affiliate commissions.

You can GIVE these PDFs as lead magnets, autoresponder content, or other incentives because each RadBiz 1-Page PDF links to a valuable free report.

You can use our free rebrander to include YOUR affiliate links on each RadBiz 1-Page PDF.

Each PDF is hosted on our server with YOUR unique affiliate links. So you can simply give out a link to each of your PDFs, and people can download your PDFs directly from our server.

Or, you can download each PDF to YOUR server with YOUR unique affiliate links permanently rebranded into the document.

When you distribute your unique link or your rebranded RadBiz 1-Page PDF, your readers are encouraged to share it with others.

Go back to the top and look at the sample report.

The very first thing at the top of the PDF is an encouragement to share it with others.

So, what happens when you distribute RadBiz 1-Page PDFs rebranded with YOUR affiliate links?

Some people will share your PDFs or even offer them as freebies or bonuses on their websites.

Some of the people who view these RadBiz 1-Page PDFs will click on affiliate links and will purchase products, resulting in affiliate commissions.

Just for sharing a PDF.

So, what if you distribute 100 copies of your PDF?

Or 1,000 copies?

Or 10,000 copies?

Yeah, I don't know either.

But, let's agree it seems like a good thing for you.

Free Reports For Internet Marketers

So let's take this a step further.

All of our RadBiz 1-Page PDFs are available to you FOR FREE and can be branded with YOUR affiliate links FOR FREE.

That also seems like a good thing for you.

Just sayin' . . .

IMO, the key to making this work for YOU is distribution.

How the heck can you get thousands of these PDFs with YOUR affiliate links distributed around the internet?

Well, you probably already have some ideas.

Your personal Massive Action Plan (MAP) can probably produce great results for you if you simply focus on your 1 or 2 or 3 most high-value activities.

When someone clicks one of your affiliate links inside a PDF and makes a purchase, you receive a commission.

To recap, you simply distribute links to your rebranded PDFs.

  • RadBiz 1-Page PDFs are free for you to rebrand and are free for you to download and distribute.

  • You can distribute your rebranded PDFs from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world.

  • There is no need for you to create a product. Your rebranded PDFs have been created for you and are ready to be distributed.

  • The snowball effect of distributing your 1-Page PDFs should result in a reliable source of passive income.

  • This is a very basic, actionable business model that requires no formal education.

  • If you simply want to pay some bills each month, you can choose to distribute your PDFs to a few places.

  • The sky is the limit! You can scale this quickly. In order to make more money, simply distribute more reports.

  • Both the RadBiz 1-Page PDFs and the rebranding opportunity are FREE. We do NOT ask for any type of payment from you. Period.

  • You can leverage the work that has already been done to create this opportunity.

  • You can download and start distributing RadBiz 1-Page PDFs immediately.

  • The learning curve is almost flat. Choose several ways to distribute your links, then scale your distribution efforts.

  • No inventory.

  • No order processing.

  • No products to ship.

Distributing RadBiz 1-Page PDFs can be an excellent way to earn money from home.

Get started now.

When you Scroll Down this page, you will see all of the 1-Page PDFs that are currently available.

The titles are listed 2 ways: alphabetical by title and numerical by PDF #.

Simply click on any title for rebranding instructions for that PDF.

Also, when you subscribe, you will receive updates as additional PDFs become available.

Thanx again for visiting my site.

I wish you well.

Mike Howell

You can offer each of these PDFs as lead magnets, autoresponder content, or other incentives.

Each RadBiz 1-Page PDF links to a valuable free report that your customer can immediately download.

The first list is alphabetical by title. The second list is numerical by PDF #.

Alphabetical by Title

Numerical by PDF #

  1. Starting From Free

  2. 20 Quick And Easy Ways To Give Away Your Free Report

  3. Multiple Passive Income Streams

  4. 201 Internet Marketing Tips

  5. Profiting From PDFs, Virally!

  6. How To Make Your First $1,000 Online

  7. Finding Your Reason Why

  8. 50 Powerful Traffic Tactics

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