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Building a business online is like many things in life . . . you first just need to get started.

Think about putting a puzzle together. You put the pieces on a flat surface. Then you find the corners and the outside edges so you can frame the puzzle. Then you fit the pieces together.

As you work on fitting together the pieces of the puzzle, you notice that what started as 1,000 separate pieces now starts to make sense.

When you complete the puzzle, it looks remarkably similar to the picture on the box cover.

The report you are reading explains a puzzle that, when completed, looks like a new passive monthly residual stream of income for you.

Follow this step-by-step blueprint. You don’t need any previous experience. You simply need to complete each step of this puzzle.

Oh, and just so you know . . . I’m not selling anything here.

As Paul Myers says, “Put your wallet back in your pocket”.

Follow along and you will soon understand how we all can make money using this blueprint.

Affiliate Marketing Made Simple is a report that explains one way to make money online using the Free affiliate program of a Monthly continuity product by people seeking a simple solution to use the internet as a vehicle for creating additional monthly income that can be generated beginning today.

You have my full permission to share this report in any manner that might help other people, such as:

►Social Media ►Email ►Website ►Membership Sites

So, please, give this report away … FREELY!

(The only restriction is that you may NOT modify this without written permission from Mike Howell)

It is my sincere desire that you will consider the time you invest with this document as time well-spent.

To support my work, I benefit in some manner when people click on my affiliate links and make purchases. Yup, that’s affiliate marketing! While this helps pay my bills, the trust you have in me is my number one priority.

Like everything in life, your skills, your work ethic, your market, and a variety of other factors will affect the results you achieve if you implement the simple idea in this report.

This report is based on my opinions and my observations. I’m not offering any legal or other professional advice. If you need such advice, please find an appropriate licensed professional because it is your responsibility to comply with the laws where you live and where you conduct your business.

My mission is to help you learn how to share this report as a money making hobby.

Most people want a simple, consistent, ongoing method of making money online that starts working today without spending all of their free time and money.

The focus of this report is to help you learn how to make $500 to $1,000 consistently each month as an affiliate marketer.

Once you learn how to do that, you might choose to scale your efforts to earn MORE than $500 to $1,000 each month.

Or maybe not. It’s your choice.

As an internet marketer, you are bombarded daily with product offers about how to do this or that, ChatGPT prompts, new PLR bundles you gotta have, done-for-you systems to make money online. And the list goes on.

It's really confusing (and can become expensive) trying to figure out which of these offers are the ones YOU need so you can finally start making money online.

And if you choose to promote any of these offers as an affiliate, the people to whom you are promoting these offers are just as confused as you are.

Now consider this . . . ALL of the people who send these offers and ALL of the people who receive these offers have one thing in common . . . they ALL need TOOLS.

Tools such as autoresponders, web hosting, shopping carts, and more.

ALL internet marketers need TOOLS.

Many of these tools require monthly recurring payments.

And most of them offer monthly recurring commissions to the affiliates who bring new customers.

What if YOU focused YOUR efforts on encouraging internet marketers to use some of these tools?

For example, what if you became an affiliate for one of the autoresponder companies.

And, what if you made a serious effort to share your affiliate link far and wide for that autoresponder.

What if 10 internet marketers signed up through your affiliate link to use that autoresponder?

And what if 10 MORE signed up through your affiliate link NEXT month?

How much in affiliate commissions would you earn this month?

And next month?

And the following months?

And what if you became an affiliate for a second company that provides tools for internet marketers.

And a third company. And a fourth.

You get the picture.

One of my very favorite tools is LeadsLeap, a platform that offers a comprehensive suite of marketing tools.

I am a member of LeadsLeap. I love their tools and I use them every day.

However, this report is not about the tools.

This report is focused on making money as a LeadsLeap affiliate.

They have a great affiliate program that serves as the foundation of our blueprint.

If you have not yet signed up for LeadsLeap, go to their home page, which is HERE.

Then click on Get Your FREE Membership at the top right on the page and follow the instructions. It’s a free lifetime membership. You can upgrade your account later to LeadsLeap Pro if you see a reason to.

As a member of LeadsLeap, you are automatically registered as an affiliate. Scroll to the bottom of the column on the left and click “Affiliate Links & Tools”. The Affiliate Resources PAGE displays your link, as well as a record of your earnings (once you have them).

NOTE: Make sure you return HERE (to this page you are reading).

When you tell others about LeadsLeap, it is important that they click your link when they open their free accounts.

Why? Because some of the people who open free accounts will choose to upgrade to paid (Pro) accounts.

When they upgrade to Pro, you will earn a commission for every month they remain a Pro member.

LeadsLeap offers a variety of tools. My favorite (and the tool I use most) is their autoresponder (SendSteed).

Most internet marketers use autoresponders. And most businesses, churches, organizations, schools, and all types of groups need autoresponders.

Think about your own email account. I’ll bet the vast majority of emails you receive every day are sent by autoresponders.

The market for autoresponders like SendSteed (and Aweber, MailChimp, and many others) is HUGE!

So, when someone clicks on your LeadsLeap affiliate link and obtains their free LeadsLeap membership, you will be credited for referring that new member.

You need to start telling people about LeadsLeap.

I will give you a Free copy of this report that has YOUR affiliate link (instead of mine).

I will also share with you dozens of ways you can distribute your rebranded report.

You see it every day – posts in internet marketing forums from people who don’t “get it” or someone who finally made their first sale after months of trying with no luck.

They have no idea how to repeat that single sale, so eventually they’ll quit – like 99% of affiliates who can’t figure out what the successful affiliates already know.

Don’t be one of those people.

You and I both have been attracted to complicated methodologies during our lifetimes.

Not sure how that has worked out for you.

For me, simple has always produced more results.

There are a million ideas you can tack onto a simple affiliate marketing strategy. But to succeed and generate profits for your online empire, you simply need to distribute this report.

It’s very important that you remember this: Quit trying to reinvent the wheel!

There’s no need to come up with some mind-blowing concept that no one else has done.

Simply learn the right way to implement a system that has been used by successful affiliate marketers.

As you are about to discover, this system works day in and day out on autopilot.

So, take my advice to quickly build your system and start enjoying your success.

Immediately after I send your rebranded report containing your affiliate link to you, you need to distribute that report far and wide (kinda like fishing).

If you think it’s time for you to stop learning and start doing, visit this page to receive your free rebranded report along with dozens of ways you can distribute your report.

I wish you well.

Mike Howell

P.S. Stop floundering around. Just focus on distributing your free report. Like every other product you might promote, people will either take action or they won’t. Don’t make this complicated. Simply distribute your free report until you have generated a recurring monthly income that makes you happy.

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