Congrats on taking the next step!

This really is simple.

First off, send an email to radbiz+rebrander@gmail.com. Simply include your LeadsLeap affiliate link in the body of your email. I will brand the PDF with your affiliate link and send the PDF to you.

My suggestion is that you use the LeadsLeap Page Builder to create a Landing Page. Include the eCover of Affiliate Marketing Made Simple on your landing page and create a link so your visitors can download the report for free (just like you did).

Then relentlesly distribute your landing page URL.

Download 20 Ways To Give Away Your Free Report and pick 3 or 4 methods to distribute your landing page URL.

Please let me know what I can do to help.

I wish you well!

Mike Howell

P.S. Download 50 Traffic Strategies for even more ideas about how to distribute your PDF.

P.P.S. Stop floundering around. Just focus on distributing your free report. Like every other product you might promote, people will either take action or they won’t. Don’t make this complicated. Simply distribute your free PDF until you have generated a recurring monthly income that makes you happy.

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